New York to San Diego

April - June 1995

In early 1990, I was living in New York, and anxious for a change, when my friend Chris, an urban planner who lived in Washington Heights and who wanted to move to Los Angeles, told me he was planning a cross country bicycle tour as his way of symbolically changing his spots. (Um... Rudyard Kipling reference, in case it needs explaining.)  It's possible that he suggested I join him, or maybe I proposed myself - it was a while ago and I don't remember the details - but we eventually decided to ride to the west coast together.  There are no photos; even though getting a camera was on my list of last-minute things to do before leaving, it was too last minute and never got done. (So see the 2005 cross-country tour if you want photos.) But I did keep a journal.

From my journal:

Week 1:  NYC to Front Royal VA

Week 2:  Front Royal VA to Pine Mountain KY

Week 3:  Pine Mountain to Poplar Bluff MO

Week 4:  Poplar Bluff to Seward OK

Week 5:  Seward to Taos NM

Week 6:  Taos to Grand Canyon Village  AZ

Week 7:  Grand Canyon Village to San Diego

1990 map