San Francisco to New York

April - June 2005

In the spring of 2005, I finally decided to do what I had been thinking of doing since my first cross-continental bicycle tour in 1990 - start off on a tour in the other direction, west to east.  I still had the same touring bike, a Trek 520, and I had new wheels made for it, sturdier than the original wheels that had given me some trouble in 1990, and I replaced essentially all of the drivetrain as well as the derailleurs and shifters.  I kept a journal, and I kept a blog where I posted my journal notes.

From my journal:

Week 1:  San Francisco to Fallon NV

Week 2:  Fallon NV to Baker NV

Week 3:  Baker NV to Vernal UT

Week 4:  Vernal UT to Imperial NE

Week 5:  Imperial NE to Centerville IA

Week 6:  Centerville IA to Lowell IN

Week 7:  Lowell IN to Brookville PA

Week 8:  Brookville PA to NYC
2005 map